21 June 2023
Good news from the Kurgan region - now we fully serve the multi-site platforms of MIAC and Social Security.
What's the use? Let's talk.

Having overcome all the bureaucratic obstacles, a year later, we were able to come to an agreement on technical support and maintenance of the multisite platforms we had previously developed: 
For visitors:
  • Now we will develop the platform and websites together with the management, add new functional blocks, useful materials and services.
  • We have already connected an SSL certificate for all sites of the platform. As before, multisite technology has its own peculiarities of such a setting, one of which was the mandatory connection of a wildcard-certificate to all subdomains and the *.kurgan-med.ru
  • domain at once
  • Notifications about the processing of personal data are connected. The multisite feature showed itself here in full growth - it took a specialized solution to manage and "roll out" settings for all sites while providing individual conditions for some of them.
  • Quick update of up-to-date information about medical institutions
For the platforms themselves:
  • Platform code updates, security
In the near future: switching to PHP 8.1, updating mobile versions, new functional widgets of third-party public services.

We are glad that we can again help such important industries as medicine and social protection of the region. We see this as our social mission and contribution to society.

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