Multisite platform with single management
Consolidation of sites on different domains, distribution of rights, a single license, end-to-end placement of information on all sites of the platform
Centralized Management
Rapid deployment of changes to sites
Savings on licenses and hosting
Differentiation of access rights

How it works?

  • Virtual dedicated servers (VDS hosting)
  • BitrixVM virtual machine
  • Software: "Bitrix site management" starting from the edition "Small business” or the Bitrix24 on-premise solution starting from the smallest edition “CRM+Online store

Use cases

CRM and website on different domains

If you use the on-premise CRM Bitrix24:
It is very convenient to first install the site core as a CRM and then place the rest of the sites on other domains using the "Multi-site platform" technology.
Structure of independent institutions in one subject/industry distributed geographically

For example clinics, hospitals, museums, theatres, educational institutions.
The real case is the state medical institutions of the Kurgan region.
All hospital sites are hosted on a multi-site platform, have a single design and a central control panel, while each site has its own administrator, with his own access rights only to his part - his site.

Multilingual or multi-regional site: allows you to create separate sites on different domains or subdomains for effective promotion and positioning

If you have a need to make a full-fledged foreign language version of your site - this technology effectively solves this problem. You will manage this site from the same admin panel as the main site, while it is a full-fledged separate site on its own domain, which allows you to use regional SEO promotion.

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