15 February 2022
The creation of a large-scale project to transfer the sites of the Main Department of Social Protection of the Population of the Kurgan Region and the sites of subordinate institutions to the multisite platform has been completed. The project was implemented with the support of the Kurgan branch of Sber, as well as a subsidiary of SberKorus.

The project began in August 2021 with an assessment of the upcoming work, as well as the approval of the new required functionality of the GI main website.

We have already done a similar project with the state medical institutions of the Kurgan region, however, there were several fundamental differences.

It was necessary to structure the information in such a way that filters could be tied to the issuance of various visitor requests. As a result, we created convenient filters for quickly finding the information you need and improved the usability of both the main site of the State Institution and the sites of subordinate institutions.
Read more at the link of the project.

At the moment, we provide warranty service sites.

If you are interested in implementing such a multi-site platform for your business or structure - leave a request and we will try to evaluate the possibility of implementation for you.
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