11 May 2023
We have completed the website update for LLC "Specialized developer "Monolithic construction".
In terms of complexity, it was a very modest project, but in terms of convenience for visitors, it was a big step forward.
A convenient catalog from our partners Profitbase is connected, for the developer everything is conveniently integrated into an excellent CRM Bitrix24


It was necessary to update the site design, transfer it to the modern version of Bitrix, and also ensure the integration of leads with Bitrix24.
The client chose a standard solution from Citrus.


  • informing customers about services
  • contact details
  • the ability to accept applications from the site
  • documentation

Additional integrations:

  • Use smart catalog service from Profitbase
  • Orders from the smart catalog automatically become leads in Bitrix24 CRM

Products Used

Bitrix24 On-preimse Business 50
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Bitrix24 On-preimse Business 50
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