11 April 2023
The client contacted us with a problem - all links to news, any articles and sections do not open, redirecting to the current open page. Hmm?
Experienced CMS specialists immediately understand that the problem is in NC
After checking the settings of the infoblocks and making sure that the CNC parameters are specified there correctly, of course, we go to check .htaccess - Bingo!
Someone (and no one will admit it! =) ) rummaged through the file and messed up the rules.
Correcting the CNC rules in the file and making sure that everything works correctly now.

In the bottom line - a problem for 2 minutes, however, the "self-treatment" of the client led to an aggravation of the problem and a search "in the wrong place" where necessary.

If you have any problems on the site or in Bitrix24 CRM - please contact us, we will always help.
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