18 April 2023
If you use the Phoenix solution (Probably also Kraken) for your websites and Bitrix24 boxes, this information will be useful to you, but not only to you.

Background: the client formed a public link to the document in the Bitrix24 Disk, and when the client switched, only the authorization page was opened.
The oddities continued further - with successful authorization, for example, the transition to the file was still not carried out, so the problem with access rights was immediately dismissed, everything points to incorrect processing of the short link generated by Bitrix24 for the file.

Let's go edit the urlrewrite.php file (it's located at the root of your hosting site) and find an unusual rule there:

<any number> =>


    'CONDITION' => '#^/#',

    'RULE' => '',

    'ID' => 'concept:phoenix.pages',

    'PATH' => '/index.php',

    'SORT' => 100,


And here is the line  'CONDITION' => '#^/#', - spoils all the rules for us, breaking the work of short links. You will probably have other incorrect rules with a similar parameter  'CONDITION' => '#^/#',
In our case, this rule was created when installing the Phoenix solution. 
Why did this rule break CRM? The thing is that a multisite configuration is used on subdomains. Shop on a separate domain and Bitrix24 on another domain. And when installing the Phoenix solution, rules were created in the urlrewrite.php file of Bitrix24 itself, and for him this rule is not necessary and harmful. Therefore, in the file belonging to Bitrix24, we delete the rule and the links start working as they should.

We hope this information will be useful, because we combed through all the specialized resources before writing the article and did not find just such a problem.
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