6 October 2020

If you are reading this material, it means that something no longer suits you in the operation of your equipment ("hardware") or software ("software") that you use.

Why is this happening?

Often, many young companies, in absolutely different areas of business, begin to use something to achieve certain goals, & nbsp; "what came to hand", or what is familiar, or even what your friend or neighbor Vasya Pupkin advised you.

Someone advised to use just such an office suite, and someone - this particular service. In terms of hardware ("hardware"), they often start working on what is. The technique is not the first freshness, a network built "on the router that the manager in the computer store advised."

Then the company grows, more equipment is bought, new programs are installed, new services are used, and network equipment is overgrown with "garlands" of switches ("hubs") and various kinds of access points and routers ("routers"). At the same time, many employees of the company use what they are accustomed to. That mail to which they got used, and those programs. Everyone has their own preferences, and now you are already in the company - "Soft and Hardware Zoo". All this leads to chaos, problems and "disease" of your IT structure.

And & nbsp; many continue to work like this, trying to cope with problems on their own or with the help of a "good friend" until the "thunder strikes" - the work will be a stake, important data will be lost. It suddenly turns out that you do not have a working correspondence with Petya's clients, because he used his personal mailbox and, having quit, of course, did not leave access to his mail. And Marina, it turns out, kept working files on the desktop, which are now lost along with the hard drive of that same outdated computer from the start of the company. And the accountant Valentina lost the 1C database, because the virus from the "flash drive" ate and encrypted her computer. (on which, by the way, was the famous Sharik32 antivirus, on the advice of "best friend")

At such moments, the leadership grabs its head - WHAT TO DO?!

There is an exit! You need to apply to a company where professionals in the field of IT technologies work. On the site of which, fortunately, you are.

We will help you:

  • To clean up the hardware: total diagnostics of your computers, detection of wear and tear, recommendations for replacement, urgent and not so urgent.
  • Analyzing the structure of the network: drawing up the topology of your network, removing bottlenecks, replacing "garlands of hubs", installing productive equipment and organizing network security.
  • "Combing" a variety of software, developing a single standard for key functions: mail, data storage, working with files. All company information must remain in the company! Regardless of its employees.
  • Development of security rules, installation of only high-quality and proven over the years anti-virus software, security audit of access to information (weak passwords, access control)

Contact us and we will conduct a free audit of the state of your IT structure. Even if you seem to have no problems and everything is working well, there are always things that you may have overlooked, or missed by your system administrator.

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